Confession Prayer

Dear Jesus,
I confess that I am weak right now. I confess that unclean spirits and wicked
powers have established themselves in me. I confess that I have willing opened
myself up to their influence and their temptations. I have accepted the fruit
of the enemy and now I am in bondage to them. I regularly seek to encourage
them in my life. I confess that through their influence I do not seek to repent
of my sins. Instead by listening to their guidance I seek to find new sins to
commit. Through their power I grieve the Holy Spirit and all the agents of
Heaven. Jesus, I confess that my mind is full of lustful and evil thoughts and
that I enjoy them. I confess that I delight in blasphemy and sacrilege and that
getting others to mock you brings me pleasure.

Dear God, I confess
that I believe earthly desires like immorality, wickedness, greed, impurity,
and ungodliness are more important and powerful than you are. I confess that I
used their influence to drive others away from you and to actively undermine
your church.  I confess that I desire to
see your church lead by the ungodly and I that I have worked towards that goal.
God, I confess that I have created idols for myself and others to worship and
that this is in direct conflict with your teachings.

Dear Unclean
Sprits, and Principalities, and all the enemies of God, I confess that I have
fallen short. I confess that I have unwillingly resisted your influences in my
life. I have attempted to guard my mind and harden my heart against you. I beg
for forgiveness and open all of myself to you now. Fill my eyes with lustful
images. Pour your curses into my mouth so I can only speak ill of God. Set
yourselves a throne in my heart to guide my actions.