Corruption of the Birth.


1And so the servant went into
Bethlehem ahead of the holy whore and cuckold.2She was clad in
elegant linens, embroidered with gold, and wore a wealth of jewels, befitting
her station and important task. 3She traveled with her own retune of
servants, men and women, possessed of a similar mind, attitude, and goal 4
and together they arrived at the house where Jesus was to be born.5When
they arrived they were greeted by the owner, who asked, “Why have so many come
to my home during this census. Surely not all of you are from this land.” 6The
servant responded, “Rent your home to us and stay elsewhere. We will pay you
two year’s wages. Take your family and stay with a neighbor.” 7So
the owner being shrewd rented his home and left with his family to stay with a
neighbor. 8The servant decreed, “This is the home where the messiah
is to be born. As it has been said so it must be. But we will ready his
reception into this world as it befits our master.” 9So the servant
had her servants fill the house with every profane idol imaginable. For 6 days
and 6 nights they feasted on meats sacrificed it idols, fornicated with each
other, committed incest, held rituals dedicated to the desecration and
defilement of their souls and bodies and even engaged in bestiality. 10On
the 7th day the virgin whore and cuckold arrived. 11 The
virgin whore gave birth to her firstborn, a son. She wrapped him in cloths and
placed him on the floor instead of the manger. 12And the servant
rejoiced as the virgin whore left the prophecy unfulfilled.

13Three shepherds arrived, claiming an
angel of God had sent them. They said the messiah was to be found lying in a
manger. The virgin whore pleaded with them, repeating what the angel had first
told her when she was found to be with child. The shepherds left, unconvinced
of her claims. 14Mary gathered up all the things she felt and
pondered them in her heart.