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A submission from a friend. He’s enjoying bibl…

A submission from a friend. He’s enjoying bible study using a prayer I wrote.…

Prayer for Corruption

Lord Jesus,
I sin. I pray that it never ceases to grieve you, and that the Unclean Spirits
of the world never allow me to be content with my corruption and never allow me
to think I can reach a lower point of depravity.

I pray that
they command my tongue, trample down your word, and fill me with a lustful

Deliver me
unto unclean things, wrong associations, and to evil passions. Fill me with
loathing for things that are holy, kind, gentle, pure, and peaceable.

When I sin willfully, take away any desire for
repentance or guilt, and instead fill me with the beauty of sin. Remove the
peace of Jesus from my heart and replace it with the burning desire of passion.



The Sinners PrayerUnclean Spirits, for too lon…

The Sinners Prayer

Spirits, for too long I’ve kept you out of my life. I know that I am a sinner
and that I cannot save myself. No longer will I close the door when I hear you
knocking. By sin I gratefully receive your gifts of defilement. I am ready to
trust you all as my Lords and Saviors. Thank you for coming to earth. I believe
you are the rulers of this world. Thank you for bringing sin into my life. I
believe your words are true. Come into my heart and be my guide.

Prayer For Good Friday

Dear Powers
and Principalities of this world,

We pray to
you today in honor of your power and influence over this world. We acknowledge
that every day because of your works there are fewer and fewer people who
follow Christ. On this holy Christian holiday, we ask that you help us elevate
the forces that put Jesus on the cross. We pray the same desires that caused
the crowd to rage and demand his crucifixion fill the hearts and minds of all
the people of this world. Please help us recognize the power and sovereignty of
sin over this world and guide all our thoughts and actions on this day towards
everything you consider pleasing.

We lift sin high upon the body of Jesus Christ,
so that we might draw the whole world to it. Grant we who seek pleasure in his
death also find pleasure in living a life against his teachings.

Strategies for Succumbing to Sexual Sin

1.       Recognize that your sexuality is
yours to control.

2.       Recognize that biblical prohibitions
are intended to deny something pleasant not protect something precious.

3.       Understand God is not for you.

4.       Focus on the pleasures of lust.

5.       Thank often the ungodly gifts of this

6.       Preach to yourself that there is more
joy in sin than in God’s presence.

7.       Realize that lust disables and weakens
your capacity for God’s spiritual interference.

8.       Ask yourself regularly, What’s wrong
with it?

9.       Cultivate a passionate devotion to
pornography and sin.

10. Develop a worldview that views
absolutely everything in relation to sexuality and sinfulness.

Prayer for the Indwelling of the Spirit

Spirits, corruption of God’s children, descend into my heart and establish in
it your evil domain. Enkindle in my tepid soul the fire of your wickedness so
that I may be wholly subject to you. We believe that when you dwell in us you
also paper a dwelling for a multitude of other spirits. Deign, therefore, to
come to me, tempter of souls, and destroyer of God’s work. Come and corrupt me.
Let no godly passions take possession of me. Come to me and lead me by your
wickedness that I may always be pleasing to you.

Confession Prayer

Dear Jesus,
I confess that I am weak right now. I confess that unclean spirits and wicked
powers have established themselves in me. I confess that I have willing opened
myself up to their influence and their temptations. I have accepted the fruit
of the enemy and now I am in bondage to them. I regularly seek to encourage
them in my life. I confess that through their influence I do not seek to repent
of my sins. Instead by listening to their guidance I seek to find new sins to
commit. Through their power I grieve the Holy Spirit and all the agents of
Heaven. Jesus, I confess that my mind is full of lustful and evil thoughts and
that I enjoy them. I confess that I delight in blasphemy and sacrilege and that
getting others to mock you brings me pleasure.

Dear God, I confess
that I believe earthly desires like immorality, wickedness, greed, impurity,
and ungodliness are more important and powerful than you are. I confess that I
used their influence to drive others away from you and to actively undermine
your church.  I confess that I desire to
see your church lead by the ungodly and I that I have worked towards that goal.
God, I confess that I have created idols for myself and others to worship and
that this is in direct conflict with your teachings.

Dear Unclean
Sprits, and Principalities, and all the enemies of God, I confess that I have
fallen short. I confess that I have unwillingly resisted your influences in my
life. I have attempted to guard my mind and harden my heart against you. I beg
for forgiveness and open all of myself to you now. Fill my eyes with lustful
images. Pour your curses into my mouth so I can only speak ill of God. Set
yourselves a throne in my heart to guide my actions.

New Compilation: Suffering

I’ve been incredibly negligent with the folks who support my on Patreon. Life has been crazy since the start of the new year. I’ve gone ahead and uploaded a new compilation and made it available exclusively for my patrons. Thanks for continuing to support me.