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Prayer for the Destruction of the Church from …

We pray to all the powers and spirits aligned as enemies to God, Jesus, and
his church on Earth. We pray that your power and influence has already
infiltrated the church. We pray for all those who are working as your teachers,
tempters, seducers, corruptors, disruptors, and agents in the church. We pray
for their success. Cloak us in the appearance of righteousness so that we may
move undetected bless us with charisma and the gift to do miracles so that we
may assist them. Bless our tongues that we may be successful in spreading
rumors and gossip. Give us the insight to appeal to their pride and hidden

We pray to the power of the lust of the flesh, the lust of the eyes, and
the pride of life. We pray that these powers work in the lives of every
non-believer and focus their attention only on the sinful distractions of this
world. Let them form new idols in their hearts and minds. We also pray that
these same powers use us to work in the lives of Christians. We promise to use
our authority in the church to spread conflict, misuse resources, sabotage
mission trips, and pervert the body of the church.

Place us in the path of believers and positions of authority so that we may
delight in your wills and walk in your ways to the destruction of God’s name.…



The Sinners PrayerUnclean Spirits, for too lon…

The Sinners Prayer

Spirits, for too long I’ve kept you out of my life. I know that I am a sinner
and that I cannot save myself. No longer will I close the door when I hear you
knocking. By sin I gratefully receive your gifts of defilement. I am ready to
trust you all as my Lords and Saviors. Thank you for coming to earth. I believe
you are the rulers of this world. Thank you for bringing sin into my life. I
believe your words are true. Come into my heart and be my guide.

Prayer For Good Friday

Dear Powers
and Principalities of this world,

We pray to
you today in honor of your power and influence over this world. We acknowledge
that every day because of your works there are fewer and fewer people who
follow Christ. On this holy Christian holiday, we ask that you help us elevate
the forces that put Jesus on the cross. We pray the same desires that caused
the crowd to rage and demand his crucifixion fill the hearts and minds of all
the people of this world. Please help us recognize the power and sovereignty of
sin over this world and guide all our thoughts and actions on this day towards
everything you consider pleasing.

We lift sin high upon the body of Jesus Christ,
so that we might draw the whole world to it. Grant we who seek pleasure in his
death also find pleasure in living a life against his teachings.

Valery Vitahttps://pornblasphemybyvaleryvita.c…

Valery Vita

Prayer for the Spread of Pornography


thank you and praise you for all that you are and all that you do for us. You
are always near us. You grant us access to yourselves. Let our sins and our
ungodly acts be your greatest delight. Let us seek you our with fervent hunger.
Your desires are our only true need. Let us be willing to forsake everything in
order to serve you.

many people fight against sin today. They are living as if there is hope. They
resist the creation of strongholds in their life and refuse to grant you legal
rights to be present in them. Today we specifically bring before you all those
we resist pornography. They are deluded. They deny themselves the pleasure of
fornication. We know that pornography is part of your great plan to pervert,
destroy, and ensnare all those who worship God. Pornography is your tool to
steal away the gifts of Jesus. We come before you and ask that you might
demolish the wills of those who resist and plant in them a seed of perversion
that will grow into a mighty stronghold. We pay that you strike down every
heavenly agent God sends to defend them. Fill their minds with doubts and
arguments against God and his teaching.

pray that you continue to empower the porn and sex industry. We pray that the
spiritual forces that fuel these industries continue to grow. We pray for an
army of sinners to pray for this. We pray that you might turn the eyes of those
who want to harm the industry towards yourselves, so that they might find
temptation through you. We pray that you might reveal the deepest secrets of
those who attack the porn industry. Help us all to see the beauty in perversion
and depravity. Set up governments hostile to God’s word and align your
spiritual forces to tear down those who rise up against it. Let us hate what
you hate and love what you love.

industries are distorting what God created and making them into something he
finds detestable and destruction. Rejoice! Open the eyes of anyone involved in
porn or the sex industry to the fact that it offends and displeases God so that
they may rejoice in the acts they commit. Let them be convinced by your worldly
powers and let them take pleasure from their most ungodly acts. Show your
people how to reach those who resist pornography that they might be tempted
into sin. Let sex be of the world. Let us live worldly lives that please you
and displease God. Let us set ungodly examples for this generation and the
next. Let there be a great awakening.

We thank you and praise your names that you have
power over all this world. Thank you that no one is beyond your influence.
Thank you that every sin is permitted. Use us to reach out to others and bring
them to you. Set them free from their self-imposed restrictions and bring them
to a fuller life. Thank you for all the lives you are going to change and all
the people soon be released from their dark dungeons into your glorious

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Codex Blasphemie – Prayers


I just posted a PDF of blasphemous prayers over at my patreon.

It’s a series of prayers that I literally felt possessed while writing. Some are perversions of familiar catholic prayers and others are totally new. It’s only available to those who support me. I hope for their sakes, they are careful with them.

Prayer For Lust

O Lilith, Goddess of lust, and lover
of sin, Who wast pleased to take our nature and twist into that of a harlot:
lustfully look upon my infirmity, Create in me an unclear heart, O Goddess: and
renew an unholy spirit within me; help me fill myself with every evil thought,
to lust after every sinful desire, and so pierce my flesh with thy corruption
that pushes me further away from purity, so that I may serve thee with an
unchaste body and corrupted heart. Amen



Holy crap. That’s amazing. As always I appreciate you folks who follow me here on Tumblr and the people who support me on Patreon.

I started this tumblr a few years ago after my previous one was deleted. I’m glad I’ve been able to get people who enjoy the stuff I make and post. It’s been a wild ride with a whole lot of sin and a bunch of sinners.

Thanks for all the support!

Holy Trinity –

Holy Trinity –


I don’t know what happened but Pornhub let me know this compilation was recently banned in some countries. No idea what countries but I’m super proud.

Holy crap, this video is now banned in America. I’m better (worse?) than I thought. For anyone who wants to see it, you can check it out over at,


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